We investigate fundamental and applied aspects of quantum nanosystems based on new materials as graphene and 2D related materials, topological insulators and III-V semiconductor heterostructures. We have focused our research in the electronic transport properties in the presence of disorder and nonlinear effects. We are a multidisciplinary team covering theoretical and computational modelling with experimental nanofabrication and optical and transport characterization. As an example of our European standing in the field, lets mention that our group recently installed a Clean room facility designed for graphene based nanoelectronic devices and the first in europe 100% cryofree laboratory for magnetotransport characterization (12 Teslas and 10 milikelvin).

We are currently researching unconventional graphene nanostructures looking for unique physical properties bearing in mind their uses in novel devices to be used in a wide range of applications: Communications, Healthcare, Security, Life Sciences. Our results are regularly published in top-level scientific journals and presented in international conferences, and funded by means of national and regional projects, as well as contracts with companies and public institutions.

2.5 Nm Gold
2.5 Nm Gold
2.5 nm gold
Graphene 3D
graphene 3D
Quantum Hall
quantum hall
Dirac Peak
dirac peak
Quantum Hall 2
quantum hall 2
Transport Map
transport map
Topological Insulators
topological insulators
2.5 Nm Gold Graphene 3D Quantum Hall Caf Diapositiva1 Dirac Peak GFET Magnetooptics Quantum Hall 2 Transport Map TRANSPORT GFET Topological Insulators RAMAN


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