Vito Clericò is clean room technician at University of Salamanca since November 2013, where he has also started his PhD in Applied Physics (October 2014).

He received his master degree in Matter Physics from University of Pisa (May 2010), his master thesis work consisted in realizing a near field scanning optical microscope (SNOM) and analyzing at the nanometric size the interaction between an optical near field and gold nanostructures deposited onto glass, featuring localized plasmon resonance.

He worked for two years as research assistant at NEST (National Enterprise for Nanoscience and nanoTachnology) on a joint project among Scuola Normale of Pisa, IIT (Istituto italiano di tecnologia) and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. The objective was to realize three dimensional metal-dielectric-metal near IR nanoresonators (still described as LC nanocircuits) that could be detached and dispersed in solution for biosensing applications.

In Salamanca he has significantly contributed to realize the first nanoelectronic clean room of Castilla y Leon and he nanofabricated the first devices.

His field of competence includes nanofabrication techniques (e-beam lithography, Uv-vis lithography, e-beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, dry etching with ICP-RIE and RIE, wet etching, ALD and sputter deposition of dielectric, annealing with RTP, Critical Point Dryer, etc…), characterization techniques (FTIR spectroscopy, THz spectroscopy, magnetotransport measurements (recently)), electromagnetic simulations with FEM (Comsol 3.5a and 4.2).

He obtains a national (2013) and international (2014) patents, international publications, oral and poster participations at national and international conferences.


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Anomalously large resistance at the charge neutrality point in a zero-gap InAs/GaSb bilayer
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Quantized Electron Transport Through Graphene Nanoconstrictions
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Terahertz spectroscopy of a multilayers flake of graphene
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Water-Dispersible Three-Dimensional LC-Nanoresonators
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