Hall and Quantum Hall measurements up 30 T from 0,01 K to Room temperature.
DC electrical characterization of quantum Nanodevices.
Cryofree technologies: fabrication and design of cryostats.
Ultra low temperatures and high magnetics fields technologies.
Mechanical exfoliations of Graphene and 2D materials
We are able to prepare h-BN/graphene/h-BN heterostructures.
We are able to transfer graphene flakes to a vast number of substrates.
Micro and Nanofabrication of electronic graphene and III-V devices as FET transistors.
Micro-Raman imaging and spectroscopic characterization of graphene on-wafer.
Automatic detection of graphene by Micro-Raman spectra.
Preparation of conductive metallic thin films by e-beam evaporation from thickness of 1 nanometer .
Synthesis of graphene oxide (GO) with different functionalized oxygen groups.
Modulation of the size and electric charge of GO flakes.
We are able to transfer GO flakes onto solid on a controlled way using the Langmuir- Blodgett and Langmuir-Schaefer methodologies.
We have developed different methodologies to manufacture graphene-nanoparticle hybrids with tuned properties.
Development of different methodologies for preparing nanoparticle films used as components of light emitting devices (LED), quantum dots.
Preparation of conductive polymer films that can be used for manufacturing electronic devices and sensors
Interpretation of Micro-Raman spectra of graphene derivatives
Steady State and Photoluminescence dynamic of semiconductor nanomaterials

Technology transfer

We have participated in several innovation projects including a CENIT project (CEN20091009-ATON ) related with the design and development of new photovoltaic solar cells based of thin films. In these projects we have collaborated with the following companies: 

Graphenea. We have collaborated with this company to characterize the transport properties of their graphene products.
GrapheneTech Eficiencia Energética Aplicada. We are collaborating with this Company in projects to achieve standard characterization of graphene obtained by chemical routes.
INDRA. This company is collaborating with us in an on-going Project interested in our graphene FET transistors and their applications in the communications.
Fractal. We have collaborated in an innovation Project and developed a cryostat prototype (CRYOSAL) for THz and optical measurements full dry.
Grupo Unisolar (Soliker). We have collaborated with the company in characterization and modelization of new solar cells.
Pefaversa. We have collaborated with this company in the waffer selection with a new method based on hall measurements characterization.

The CIG group has participated in two innovation projects (GRAnPHTEC-CDTI IDI-20111312 and IPT-2012-0429-420000, INNPACTO) related with the design of chemicals and functional devices for the automobile industry. In these projects we have collaborated with the following companies:

Grupo Antolín Ingeniería. We have collaborated with the company in the manufacture of graphene oxide using GANF® nanofibers, and in the preparation of functional devices for the automobile industry.
FAE Auto-electrical manufacturers. Interested in development of substrates and Multilayer Ceramic designs and the integration of Microelectronic Systems.
CENER. National Renewable Energy Center, Interested in photovoltaic applications.
Ecofilter. We are collaborating with the Norwegian company Ecofilter in designing membranes for water purification.

All this work resulted in the following market products in whose development we have participated:

1. Graphene Oxide synthesized from GANF® nanofibers, Grupo Antolín Ingeniería ( Grupo Antolin is the sole supplier of graphene oxide in the European project Graphene Flagship.

2. Silver Nanowires for manufacturing capacitive consoles of high-end car.