The goal of NANOGRAPH is to perform research in the fields of nanoelectronics and Graphene Related Materials, including fabrication, processing , characterization of nanodevices designed for particular applications and to transfer the results to the industry. The training of professionals from SMEs and academic institutions will be accomplished through their participation in such research and development tasks.

We have showed technology potential with pre-industrial control and reproducibility, including transfer of this technology to industries. Our vocation is to develop scientific and technological collaborations with industry and academic institutions; and the desire to offer external services on characterization, quality control and reliability, in the frame of nanoelectronics and nanomaterials.

NANOGRAPH also offers cooperation formulas to industries for usage of laboratory and cleanroom facilities during arranged periods of time. There are also dedicated rooms available to industries for R+D activities assuring protection of the industrial and intellectual property. Moreover, NANOGRAPH wants to participate in the generation of spin-off’s by means of temporary agreements on usage of space and technological equipment as well as human resources.

NANOGRAPH wants to highlight its desire to develop cooperation formulas with universities and research centres in the field of training doctors, joint doctorate programmes, and in the development of technology and research.

Finally, NANOGRAPH wants to offer its services on technology and characterization to the scientific and technical community. Thus, it hopes to hold facilities promoted by Universidad de Salamanca and other institutions, which could be useful to such community in the field of electronics, nanoelectronics and nanomaterials (high resolution microscopy techniques, materials analysis, characterization of components, low-temperature technologies, THz imaging and spectroscopic, High-speed electronics.)