Cristina Hernández Fuentevilla is a university school professor in the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Salamanca. She was born in Cantabria (Spain) in 1965. She obtained her PhD at the University of Salamanca by the doctoral thesis about transmission and conductance of graphene-based electronic devices.
She is researching graphene and other structures related. She is interested in their knowledge, characterization and possible application to electronic devices.

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Spin filtering induced by a magnetic insulator stripe on graphene
C H Fuentevilla, JDLejarreta , F Domínguez-Adame , E Diez
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PhD: Transmisión y conductancia en dispositivos electrónicos basados en grafeno
Cristina Hernández Fuentevilla

Anomalously large resistance at the charge neutrality point in a zero-gap InAs/GaSb bilayer
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Quantized Electron Transport Through Graphene Nanoconstrictions
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Angle dependent conductivity in graphene FET transistors
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Scattering of massless Dirac particles by oscillating barriers
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Exact transmission coefficient with one and two barriers in graphene
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Transmission coefficients in monolayer graphene
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