Sanaz Mehdipour has joined the nanotechnology group at the university of Salamanca as a PhD student to do her research project on 2D artificial heterostructures. She received her master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from TU Chemnitz (Germany) and Shiraz university of technology (Iran), respectively. 

Raman response of topologically protected surface states in sub-micrometric Pb0.77Sn0.23Se flakes
S. Mehdipour, D. López-Díaz, M. M. Velázquez, P. Hidalgo, B. Méndez, M. Luna, V. Bellani, M. Amado, G. Balakrishnan & E. Diez
Journal of Raman Spectrosopy. 2020;1–7. 5998 (2020)''