We are devoted to detection and emission of terahertz radiation at room temperature by using submicron size transistors and characterization of solar cell (IV, CV, Quantum efficiency, …). We dispose of different equipment listed below as well as a license of TCAD Synopsys and Monte Carlo software, Pyroelectric detectors, quantum cascade lasers at 2.5THz and other different instruments (Lock-in amplifiers, pulse generators, sourcemeters,…).


Visible and THz image under excitation of 300 GHz of different metalic objects


Visible and THz image under excitation of 300 GHz of different metalic objects


Visible and THz image under excitation of 300 GHz of a key and two coins.


Visible and THz image under excitation of 300 GHz of a key and two coins.

Thz3 Thz1 Thz1.1 Thx2 Thx2.1
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