nanolito workshop

Nanolito is the Spanish Nanolithography Network. It is an initiative sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and has as an objective to promote knowledge transfer among the different partners involved in nanolithography.

This workshop will be oriented towards the use of nanolithography techniques in the fabrication and characterization of nanodevices based on graphene and other 2D materials. Any applications based on nanofabrication techniques with these materials as nanopore membranes are also welcome. We aim to have a relaxed meeting in which we can all share our recent advances and results in these field and identify which are the main unsolved problems in the nanolithography processing of these materials.

Oral presentations from junior researchers are especially encouraged.

Registration fee: 70€ (includes workshop dinner) and will be open up to January 15th.



Poster Presentations

  • Poster boards will be 1 m wide x 2 m high, portrait format. A0 (841mm x 1189 mm) is a recommended size.
  • Push-pins and tapes to attach posters to the boards will be available from the conference organisers.
  • A few Last-minute posters could be accepted up to complete  all Poster boards available.

Download the Program.

Download the Poster.

Download the Abstract book.


  • Francisco Guinea (IMDEA, Madrid)
  • Frank Koppens  (ICFO, Barcelona)
  • Andrés Castellanos (IMDEA, Madrid)
  • Adrian Bachtold (ICFO, Barcelona)
  • Fernando Calle (ISOM, Madrid)
  • Amaia Zurutuza (Graphenea, Donostia)
  • Mario Amado (Univ. Cambridge)
  • José María de Teresa (ICMA, Zaragoza)
  • Sergio Pezzini (HMFL, Radboud Univ. Nijmegen)
  • Ricardo García (ICMM, Madrid)
  • Gemma Rius (CNM, Barcelona)
  • Luis Hueso (Nanogune, Donostia)
  • Mar García Hernández (ICMM)
  • Alberto García (GPNT)
  • Philippe Godignon (CNM/Barcelona)
  • Pablo alonso (Universidad Oviedo)
  • Marianna Sledzinska (ICN2, Barcelona)
  • Cesar Merino (Grupo Antolín, Burgos)
  • Jacobo Santamaría (UCM, Madrid)
  • Francisco Dominguez-Adame (UCM, Madrid)


  • Enrique Diez (USAL, Salamanca)
  • José María De Teresa (ICMA, Zaragoza)
  • Soraya Sangiao (INA, Zaragoza)
  • Gemma Rius (CNM, Barcelona)
  • Albert Romano (UB, Barcelona)
  • Clivia Sotomayor (ICN2, Barcelona)
  • Ricardo García (ICMM, CSIC, Madrid)
  • José Luis Prieto (ISOM-UPM, Madrid)
  • Santos Merino (Tekniker, País Vasco)
  • José Ignacio Martín (UNIOVI, Asturias)
  • Luis Hueso (nanoGUNE, San Sebastián)
  • José Luis Vicent (UCM, Madrid)


  • Enrique Diez (General chair)
  • Yahya Meziani
  • Mercedes Velázquez
  • Pilar García
  • José M. Cerveró
  • Enrique Velázquez
  • David López
  • Cristina Hernández-Fuentevilla
  • Vito Clericó
  • Juan Antonio Delgado
  • Adrián Martín
  • Mª Dolores Merchán
  • Juan D. Lejarreta